IT is an exciting world in which to operate a business. New technologies emerge all the time, which presents both opportunities and challenges. Primus is a user experience (UX) design firm with a twist. With our groundbreaking User Experience Mapping (UEM) research process, we uncover the workflow, mental models, frequency and priority of tasks, common frustrations and desires of users. Then, using contemporary development tools, we craft web based solutions & services. In simple terms it means that the secret sauce behind our wildly coveted product offerings is blending technological expertise and design flair with (guess what?) Behavioral Science!!

Our unique methodology & process helps in transforming the clients business to stay competitive & to attain the maximum benefits out of it. The foremost priority is to serve our clients' needs and keep them absolutely satisfied with our services, products & consultation. We provide client-centric and cost-effective solutions for their varied businesses. We focus on providing a business-centric approach to IT, aligning the IT strategy to the business goals. This means that our philosophy is to help companies & individual clients to benefit from new technologies so that their IT systems do not stand in the way of their stated business objectives, but are enablers and facilitators. It may be an opportunity to offer clients a new service at a lower cost than was previously possible.

In addition, we believe that the IT function needs to understand how these objectives change. Acquisitions are made, offices are moved, people and processes change. Only through regular communication with our clients can we ensure that we are constantly recommending the right solution for your business.
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