image At Primus IT Solutions, we recognized that we operate in a fiercely competitive market. In this era of constant flux of technology, business environment and cut throat competition, managing change can be a daunting task. But no more!! With leading players of the game we are always abreast with the latest (we have to!). So in case you want to decide on the best technology to be deployed or find ways of leveraging IT for your business processes Primus empowers you with IT!

There are many companies who offer different products that, taken together, can meet your company's needs. We believe that all companies deserve next generation IT solutions with traditional customer service values. These values are around professionalism, dependability, knowledge and, most importantly, passion and enthusiasm for the work we do. Through our products and services, we strive to deliver number of Information Technology and Business Process solutions specific to the industry and market requirements and needs.

However, there are a number of areas where Primus IT Solutions stands out from others:

Passionate about making your
Business Succeed
A business-centric approach to IT
  • We provide the link between IT and the business, ensuring the IT strategy meets the ever changing business requirements.
  • This means we are well placed to help you mitigate the risks associated with IT and maximize the benefits that new technology can bring.
  • We do this by taking time to understand your business and then understand what your users really need from their IT systems.
  • And by staying in regular contact with all our clients, we can ensure that as the business needs change, so the IT solutions we provide will match those.
Passionate aboutTechnology
Breadth of products & services offered
  • No matter what your IT infrastructure requirements, Primus has a solution to meet your needs. We offer customized and secure hosted services to reduce IT costs.
  • All our solutions are surrounded by a managed services element to increase the reliability of your IT infrastructure and ensure that the solution we implement gives you the business benefits you require.
  • We are vendor-neutral but experienced in all the key technologies needed for a modern IT function. It is fair to say that we are passionate about technology.
Passionate aboutService
Quality of delivery
  • At Primus, the delivery of our services is made through our projects team for solutions and support team for ongoing managed services.
  • Our experienced projects team will ensure that, no matter the complexity, solutions will be delivered on time and within budget. Our support team has a range of skills to resolve issues raised by your users.
  • Our company is certified to ISO 9001-2008.
Passionate aboutour Clients
Our track record with clients
  • We operate a consulting-led approach to client management. It's not about selling hardware and software but advising clients on the right solution for their business.
  • Our clients know the benefits and risks that each option brings which helps them make the necessary IT decisions.
  • Our working model promotes a result-driven interactive approach and promises supreme customer service with regards to quality, cost and customer's vision.
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