Video-on-demand has long been seen as the ‘killer app’ to spur interactive broadband service adoption, although it is just one of many new, interactive TV services. VoD enables consumers to choose the content they want via an on-screen menu and control the sessions with VCR-like functions such as stop, freeze, fast-forward and rewind. Unlike traditional pay-per-view, the consumer can watch the content at any time. VoD provides an alternate method for the supply of video and related content material over cable and telecommunications networks. For broadcasters it represents a sea change: away from producer, to consumer, choice. In the current broadcasting environment, programme timing and selection is the exclusive prerogative of the broadcaster. The consumer is merely a passive participant with no control over the session. With VoD, the consumer has complete control over the session presentation.


Live video streaming is an incredibly powerful tool, delivering content in an exciting and dynamic format. It comes with prestige and a feeling of exclusivity, knowing someone is among the first to witness it. However, sometimes live coverage just can't capture all of a desired audience. Different time zones, conflicts in schedules, and other issues are barriers to people enjoying live streaming content.


Primus IT Solutions presents a simple solution to this problem: host it live and host it on demand. This allows users to view events as they happen, but also allows others who are unavailable to view the broadcast later. We provide a solution for both live and previously recorded, on demand streaming content. The platform provides a variety of features and tools to make video on demand a key component of the system, including support for stream archiving, mobile broadcasting and rich monetization features provided out of the box.


Engage web audiences with immersive video content. Track performance and collect valuable information from your viewers. Create online advertising opportunities. Whether you’re a rich-media expert or a web-publishing novice, Primus puts you in control of your online video operations. Thanks to the power and simplicity of Vod Platform, you can manage, publish, syndicate, measure, and monetize web video with ease. Upload your source file and our transcoding services automatically handle all the conversions and publishing steps required for optimized viewing on any mobile or IP-capable device.


Keep visitors on your site with entertaining and informative video. Primus Vod Platform offers an intuitive player-builder tool with a selection of templates, so you can customize controls, colors, and playlists to match your website and define the perfect viewing experience. You can even add buttons that allow users to share your video content with their friends. And for the ultimate in interactivity, our unique “search inside” technology enables instant access to spoken content in your video.


Gain important information about viewer engagement and video popularity with detailed reports. You can graph data for single videos, single channels, or across multiple videos and channels. Put your online video to work for you. You can monetize your content by integrating with third-party ad networks, offering a choice of linear ads, non-linear ads, and contextual ads placed inside the video. Our advertising tools give you full control over campaigns at both the video and channel level, allowing you to create targeting options, implement ad insertion policies, and adjust channel frequencies.

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