Hosting is a service whereby one computer configured as an Internet server offers a part of, or its whole resources, for use in exchange for a certain rental fee. Thanks to this service, one or more users can use information, services or content located on this server using another computer called client. The client uses the Internet to connect with the server and displays the desired content to the user.


Primus IT Solutions hosting services provides a flexible way to introduce new managed network services quickly and with minimum investment and risk.  We provide a broad range of reliable, dedicated connectivity IT solutions tailored to each client's individual requirements. Our hosting service gives your organization a 24 hour global presence and with our fast and reliable connectivity, your company is poised to reach out instantly to the millions of Internet users all over the globe.


We are known for providing an outstanding level of service, striving and focusing on customer satisfaction. With a combination of an impressive array of servers and network infrastructure, Primus IT Solutions is placed as a forerunner in the hosting industry which allows us to provide efficient, dependable, trustworthy hosting services. Our service is both good quality and cost effective because of the fast state-of-the-art servers we deploy, our technical support is rivaled by none.


In short we provide a service that's not only unbeatable, but assured to keep you content.

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