Tired of shared hosting for your hosting needs? Have a busy site? If so, you may get your very own server.


Looking for maximum control, capacity, security, stability and speed - with minimal work, worry and cost? Primus IT Solutions dedicated servers are just what you need. Our servers come with all the necessary services, such as server software, burstable bandwidth, routing hardware, electrical power and cabinet space - and none of the hassles of configuring them. That’s as our experienced specialists will handle everything, so you won’t have to. Dedicated Servers are a perfect solution for popular sites, large corporate web sites, busy online mall, and many others. You'll have full control over the server and don't have to share resources with other websites.


In contrast to shared hosting, dedicated hosting implies that clients' applications do not share the server's resources with other users' applications. Besides, the server uses the entire available bandwidth for purposes of its own. Thus, a given application uses the entire hardware resources of the server on which it is located, the system settings are wholly consistent with and optimized according to its needs, and last but not least - the user has full control over the server. The most commonly installed operation systems are Linux, FreeBSD and Windows. This type of hosting is intended for websites and web applications, which generate substantial hardware load, unthinkable for the resources that shared hosting offers. Dedicated hosting is usually recommended as a solution for sites that register more than 15000 visits a day, for big online shops and portals, popular online games, etc. 


All our servers are managed round-the-clock by a team of highly trained and experienced server administrators. Whether you’re new to dedicated servers or a seasoned veteran, you’ll rest assured knowing that they’re always on hand to serve you!

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