Primus IT Solutions has its strong backup team that securitized its entire clientele website by scheduling backups. We are very vigilant about scheduling the backups and it is done by our experienced nocturnal team. We take the responsibility of securing your website by installing the anti-virus software and maximizing security through setting difficult passwords.


We also give the power to the client by giving the backup option in the hosting control panel. So you or your customer can take the backup anytime you wish to. Here at Primus IT Solutions, we appreciate the value of your data, and we understand the need for a good, reliable and affordable backup solution. Managing your backups used to be a never ending chore of daily tape rotation and multiple media management. Not anymore.


Let us manage your backups. We will discuss with you on your backup and restoration plan in detail; what you need backed up, frequency, and the expected turnaround time for restoration. Then, we will recommend either open source or commercial backup software that best suits your needs. Backup frequencies will be customized to suit your backup strategies. Each backup process can be configured to perform Full, Incremental or Differential backups to allow system administrators more flexibility in managing the entire operation.

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