Globally enterprises are looking to extend IT automation to every site, office, workshop, depot, after sales services and regardless of size and geography to increase real time productivity, prompt customer’s services, and better product experience and reduce the inventory and other associated costs. Make your network efficient, scalable and reliable with our MPLS solutions. We offer end-to-end comprehensive solutions for network connectivity, thus giving you flexibility through customized solutions and increased coverage. 


Our specialized MPLS model offers the most comprehensive and accurate performance predictions of networks that incorporate MPLS technology and traffic engineering policies. Based on Internet standards and developed in collaboration with industry experts, MPLS service network empowers the company:







  • that is available at all places where his company does business
  • supports the bandwidth required by IT (Software applications)
  • can scale in bandwidth and coverage with the growing business demands
  • can extend to remote workers, distributors, biz partners or even customers
  • homes of senior executives
  • has provisions for disaster recovery
  • is consistent in performance with an online visibility of the same
  • options of managed services
  • backed up by SLA’s
  • is available 24x7 with near 100% uptime


The overall benefit is a substantial reduction in administrative overheads and more time available for core responsibilities. The resources that get freed up in the process are available for redeployment in core IT activities. Various other features include:

Maximum Reach

Enterprises can now extend IT applications and services to all the office locations such as your regional offices, branches, call centers, company points of sale, factories or development sites with India’s largest MPLS network. Choose bandwidths ranging from as low as few Kbps and scaling to multiples of Gbps.

Connecting Employees Travelling Abroad

Employees travelling abroad can connect to their corporate network with SSL Office Connect, a remote access solution, using any internet connection. The security policies can be set by the enterprise administrator and the same are applied automatically and seamlessly whenever user tries to connect to his company VPN.

Near 100% Uptime

The MPLS network’s self-healing architecture provides high uptime for the enterprise data networks and ensures a near 100% availability backed by a 24x7 service support and industry leading SLAs.

Connecting People on the Move

Business travelers who need to be always connected to corporate network can use CDMA Wireless PCMCIA Data Cards equipped on their laptops and stay connected in a secure private network even while they travel.


CXOs or other senior users in the organization aspiring for a Office-Network experience @Home and Telecommuters or employees working from Home can avail India’s first telecommute’ service and stay connected securely to their corporate network through a internet-free ubiquitous WiMax connection.

Traffic prioritization

It is important to appropriately prioritize mission critical, business critical, delay sensitive and general purpose data traffic in order of importance and application requirements. Class of Service (CoS) capabilities that enable you to assign different priority levels to traffic from specific applications such as ERP, CRM, SCM and to the traffic generated from voice, video, internet, email and other applications.

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