If your website visitors have to wait a long time for your site to load, at best you will bore them. At worst you will lose their business. Primus extensible storage mechanism enables you to mitigate these risks by integrating with a CDN. A content delivery network (CDN) is an interconnected system of computers on the Internet that provides web content rapidly to numerous users by duplicating the content on multiple servers and directing the content to users based on proximity. CDN technology is especially well suited to streaming audio and video programming.


In this global market, our clients are located around the world, many having multiple locations in different cities, countries and even different continents. With CDN integration, our clients won’t have to worry about lag time when retrieving information based on where they are located. Designed specifically to accelerate today’s cutting edge websites and a web application, CDN delivers your content from the server in its hybrid cloud network that’s closest to your user’s location. So not only is the load on your infrastructure reduced but your user’s experience is dramatically enhanced. Upon activating CDN integration for a piece of data, your information is replicated to each of our Points of Presence (POPs). What does this mean to you?



  • Data Stored Closer to All of Your Locations – Clients located in Singapore can access information from our Singapore PoP as opposed to waiting for a server overseas to be contacted.
  • Less Network Peaks and Surges – Because information is replicated in multiple locations, if the server located in the closest PoP is backed up with queries, your information will be retrieved from a different PoP, minimizing your wait time.
  • Improved Video Quality – Specific to our users offering streaming video, CDN Integration provides your user with the fastest stream possible. Combining a closer server location with the ability to download from an alternate server that has a minimal load to bear, your video will reach your users faster and will stream at the highest quality possible, all resulting in the best experience for your user.

Ultimately these, and all, the benefits that come from CDN integration mean one thing – getting your information to you and your users in the quickest way possible.

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