Primus IT Solutions business email hosting solutions provide the highest level of technical standards, flexibility, and usability. Our email hosting services offer full support for the IMAP, POP3 and SMTP protocols with optional encrypted (SSL and TLS) connections. Our hosted email systems are fully compatible with and can be accessed from any email client which supports IMAP / POP3 / SMTP including Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage, Mac Mail and other email clients on Windows, Mac and Linux / Unix operating systems. 


In addition, our business email hosting solutions offer support for Webmail and mobile email including Outlook sync and synchronization of PIM data (calendar, address books, notes, and tasks) using Blackberry, Android, iPhones, Smart phones, Windows Mobile Phones etc.Some of the features are:

E-Mail Hosting
  • Supports IMAP, POP3, Webmail, SSL, TLS, Enforced TLS, PGP & S/MIME
  • Enhanced anti-virus & spam filtering
  • Outlook sync /w webmail & phones
  • 15GB space & 100 MB attachments
  • Free email backups /w IMAP Backup
E-Mail Archiving & Compliance
  • Automatically captures and stores emails
  • Supports in-house, Exchange, Google and Outsourced servers
  • Hosted SaaS with no installation, upgrades or maintenance required
  • Meets FINRA, SEC, FRCP and SOX requirements for emails.


E-Mail Backup

Primus's online email backup and recovery system offers flexibility unmatched by other email backup services. Used to backup:

  • Google Apps email accounts
  • Exchange server emails
  • Primus hosted email accounts
  • Emails from any IMAP based email provider


Furthermore, Primus IT Solutions offers the most advanced and flexible security features with SSL, TLS, Enforced TLS, S/MIME and PGP for securing your email communications end to end.

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